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So why hire a Matchmaker?

You may have given internet dating sites a shot, but had no luck. Perhaps your busy schedule has made it virtually impossible for you to get out there and meet potential partners. Or maybe you’ve ended a long-term relationship and feel a little out of practice, to say the least.

It doesn’t matter what’s brought you here today. Like all our clients, you’ve realised that a fresh approach to dating may hold the key to finally finding that previously-illusive, committed relationship. And you’ll soon understand that, by coming here, you’ve taken the right first step.

Some food for thought

You trust trained professionals to take care of your children, keep your health in check, offer you career or business guidance, and manage your hard-earned money. So why approach the process of finding meaningful love any differently? Love is the heartbeat of life and should be handled with the sensitivity, professionalism and skill of an experienced matchmaker. And you deserve to find it.

But why not opt for the online dating scene?

Well, it’s an option. And by all means give it a try — if you’d like an impersonal, ‘one size fits all’ service, whereby random singles will approach you (or run a mile) based on your brief online resumé (and vice versa). If, however, you’d prefer an extremely personalised, thorough matchmaking service — tailored to your unique requirements, dedicated to finding you your ideal partner, and committed to ongoing advice, support and dating feedback — then keep on reading. Your decision!

So how does this matchmaking thing work?

When we first meet with you, our goal is to obtain a thorough understanding of your character, lifestyle and needs/desires in a potential partner. We also want to get right to the core of any past relationships you may have had. Why didn’t they last? Were there any behavioural traits or habits — belonging to you or your former partner — which could be a potential pitfall for future relationships? If this means digging out a few old cobwebs, then that’s what we’ll do. Because it makes the process work.

We reach far and wide to find your match

Armed with your in-depth profile, our search for your suitable partner begins. At Central Quest, our skilled matchmakers leave no appropriate stone unturned. We reach far and wide beyond our client base to draw upon single, successful professionals from varied backgrounds and respected social circles. And with affiliates in key European cities, we’re also closely connected to a variety of special interest groups and private member clubs. So there’s plenty to pick from!

But don’t get the wrong impression. Although we have an extensive database of eligible singles (over 10,000 in London alone at last count), each one has been carefully selected and reviewed. And as our matchmakers narrow their search, those that fit the bill will be brought in for interview. Again and again, if necessary. Because how else could we truly find you your soulmate?

Our matchmakers work hard to make introductions easy for you.

You may be panicking at the very thought of a date with a mystery person… But fear not! We won’t just throw you in there unprepared. If there’s anything at all that we can do to improve your chances of success — like arranging for a personal trainer or stylist, offering dating advice etc. — we’ll go the extra mile to get you ready.

Typically, we present our clients with a potential match and allow you to decide if you want to be introduced. We’ll then encourage preliminary conversations — so that when it comes to your first in-person meeting, it will be all smooth sailing. Read about our Membership!

Our clients include:

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