Thomas, 43 — London

What can I say about Caroline that would best describe her talent as a Matchmaker?

She knew how to make me comfortable right from our first meeting. I opened up to her and told her all about my past relationships, demanding career, and family life. She wanted to know every bit of information that could help her match me with the right women.

After working with her I can honestly say there is not a single challenge I can throw at her that she would not be able to work around. I travel quite often on business, I am a full time dad to two lovely children, and I have a medical disability. Despite all of that, all the women that Caroline introduced me were completely understanding of my situation. Three months ago I was introduced to Eva, and so far things are looking quite promising.

Cassandra, 37 — Paris

Central Quest is not just an Introduction Agency; it’s an agency that can literally transform you.

I used to think that everything was wrong with the men I was meeting and that everything was in check with me! Boy – was I wrong!

My girlfriends kept telling me that I was too fixated on things like where a man would take me, how he dressed, his social circles, and his achievements. Annael and Ziv taught me that a way to evaluate a man is by credibility, which was exactly what I’ve neglected to notice before. I’m no longer focused on immaterial things and I’m extremely happy in my relationship! Thank you so much guys!!!

Edward, 56 — Los Angeles

Every area of my life has been on a constant upward slope for the past 30 something years, except my love life! I’ve gone through 2 divorces before it dawned on me that maybe I’ve been making wrong choices when it came to women.

Lisa skilfully managed to create a profile of my ideal woman and paired me with women that matched her vision. After going out with several women I finally clicked with a very special lady who I can now call my girlfriend. I feel strongly that this relationship will actually outlast my previous marriages, because — for a change — I hardly ever fight with her!

Clara, 34 – London

I cannot begin to tell you how rewarding the Matchmaking process has been for me!! Not only did I discover different species of men but I also learned that patience is a virtue!

I used to be very impatient with men up to a point where I used the excuse of needing to go to the bathroom after just 10 minutes of dull conversation. I also used to see men as either “goodie two-shoes” or “bad boys” and I tended to date the latter, which always ended badly.

Ziv proved to me that there are other types of men out there and taught me how to engage in interesting conversations with them. From that point onward, there was a tremendous difference in terms of how I approached my dates. He introduced me to lovely guys and soon enough I met my soulmate, Timothy. I am COMPLETELY and UTTERLY in love and will be forever thankful to Ziv for guiding me in a different direction!

Barry, 32 – Chicago

My decision to join a Matchmaking Agency was not a quick one, particularly because I didn’t think I needed any help. I never had a problem getting a date or committing to someone. I was just struggling to find a woman with whom I could spend the rest of my life. Pretty normal, right?

The Team at Central Quest identified the traits of a woman that would complement my persona and particular value system, and cleverly sent me on dates that matched specific type of women. I could not believe that after 4 introductions I met Ronnie…ever since then we haven’t been apart for longer than a week.

Steven, 46 – London

It’s been very difficult for me to be a bachelor again after my marriage, which lasted for 18 years. I found myself not knowing what to say to women and how to behave around them just so they would like me. My family and friends supported me and tried their best to help me find a new love. Unfortunately, the women they introduced me to didn’t fancy me or vice versa.

I decided to hire Central Quest’s Matchmaking Services because I knew Lisa had previously worked with clients in a similar situation. I felt she knew exactly what kind of women would happily welcome me into their lives without hesitation. I was right. It only took 6 introductions before I met Andrea, an astounding woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously (much like I don’t…), hardly ever complains, and even cooks better than my mother!!

Miles, 39 – New York

I’ve been working for very fast-paced and demanding companies ever since I got out of college. I never have a lot of time to spare in going out to meet women; which is why I always tended to gravitate to starting relationships with women who were not necessarily right for me. I also held the belief that the right woman will appear in my life when the time is right.

As I turned 39 I realized that it is not going to just happen. A colleague at work told me about his friend who is a client of Central Quest and so I figured I’d give them a call.

From that moment onwards, I’ve experienced the journey of a life time. I’ve met women whom I would have never met by myself and really saw the massive difference between randomly choosing my dates and allowing a Professional Introduction Agency to select my dates for me. I also met a charming lady who I now call my wife.

We share so much in common, from passion for languages to love for baseball. Despite my frequent absences, she stuck with me when other women wouldn’t have. So to Central Quest I say, keep up the fabulous work that you’re doing in uniting kindred spirits with one another.

Anna, 42 – London

A lot of people don’t realise that after a divorce it’s not an easy thing to start dating again, whether or not someone has kids. My friend who had also used Central Quest’s services, and knew I needed help, recommended them to me.

Throughout the entire time Annael encouraged me to really bring my inner self to dates without too much concern as to what will happen next. She is a very gifted woman who I am also privileged to have as a friend. I always joke that Central Quest actually made two successful matches – me and Annael, and me and Adam (my boyfriend).

Stacy, 38 – Chicago

Lisa and Ziv are the best Matchmaking pair in my opinion! Any praise I give them would not do justice to the tremendous amount of effort they’ve put into finding me the man of my dreams. Not only that, but they also taught me the importance of compromise, selflessness, and engagement in my boyfriend’s life.

My chances of maintaining my relationship and taking it to the next stage are far greater than ever before, and for that I am forever thankful to them.

Francois, 35 – Paris

I was alone for quite some time and started to accept the idea that I might never meet the woman of my dreams. That all changed when I met Ziv and heard his astonishing philosophy of dating and relationships. The decision to hire Central Quest’s matchmaking services is probably the best one I’ve ever made because I now have an amazing fiancée, Denise!

Veronica, 34 – New York

I was the last girl among my girlfriends who was yet to marry or have a serious boyfriend. Naturally I was feeling the pressure and getting constant reminders of the urgency to find a man, both from my friends, as well as my family. It was NOT fun!

One day during a weekend dinner one of my girlfriends suggested I hire a Matchmaker to sort out my love life. At first, I laughed off the idea but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. A friend of my close friend knows Lisa, and gave Central Quest a warm recommendation, so I went ahead and hired them.

I could not be more pleased with Lisa and Ziv, they were really phenomenal at creating a portrait of a suitable man and finding ones that matched the criteria. I had so much more in common with the men I met through Central Quest versus the men I’d normally meet, and so much fun really talking about any random topic that it just seemed surreal at times.

To all of you who are contemplating if Matchmaking is right for you I, and my boyfriend Andrew, say start your love quest with Central Quest!!!!!

Delphine, 40 – Paris

They say love will find you when you least look for it, well… I made sure not to look for it by having two very extraordinary Matchmakers — Annael and Caroline — look for it for me!

Halfway through my membership I was privileged to meet Jacques. Getting to know him and spend time with him has been the highlight of my life for the past year and hopefully for the rest of my life. I highly recommend Annael and Caroline to anyone who is serious about finding a life partner but feels a little bit lost, like I did.

Megan, 31, London

I met Ziv at an event my company organised. One of my colleagues is his friend and he introduced us. Ziv explained to me that Central Quest is not a typical Introduction Agency that only finds compatible partners for its clients. He said that Central Quest also works with it clients to help them build their self-confidence, become more socially engaging, and be more in tune with the impressions they leave on others.

I decided to join as a member of Central Quest and underwent a fantastic change in all areas of my life, not only on the dating side. Thanks to working with Central Quest my interactions with men have taken on another dimension. I understand the social cues that they send me, and in turn I send ones that are actually welcoming rather than unclear and difficult to read. And the best of all is that I was fortunate enough to meet an amazing man with whom I share a meaningful relationship. He loves the person that I am and never stops encouraging me when I need him to!!!

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