Same Sex Marriage becomes legal in the UK

A breath of fresh air for gay and lesbian singles

Same sex marriages in England and Wales are legal as of Wednesday, July 17, 2013. Queen Elizabeth II signed a bill yesterday, which was approved by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords a day before. Up to today, the law only allowed civil partnerships for the LGBT community.

The new law allows same sex couples to tie the knot in civil ceremonies or church services, as long as the religious institution gives its consent. The first same sex wedding is expected to take place in the summer of 2014.

Interestingly enough, late last month, the U.S. Supreme Court had also ruled on issues relating to same sex marriage. One ruling states that federal government of the United States must recognize same-sex marriages in states where they were already legal. The second ruling lifts the ban on such marriages in the state of California. These two rulings are a major milestone in paving the way for same-sex marriages to become legal in over 30 states, where they are currently illegal.

We at Central Quest applaud the new legislation and extend our congratulations to all the gay and lesbian singles who will now be able to change their marital status. As Matchmakers and dating experts we advocate for equal opportunities for everyone and the freedom of choice. London and the entire United Kingdom begin a new era of dating and romantic relationships as of today! Matchmaking never ceases to be exciting!


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