So why a membership?

Finding a compatible romantic match is no easy task. And you most likely know that for yourself. It is an in-depth, skilled and time-consuming quest, which differs from client to client. Some quickly meet a partner, fall in love and ride off into the sunset together. For the vast majority, however, it takes a while longer — which is why we offer client memberships that last up to 12 months… Because we wouldn’t be as successful at what we do without one eye always on the clock.

The minimum amount of introductions we commit to is nine. This isn’t a hard limit and we’ll continue to introduce you to potential matches as necessary. While an introduction doesn’t always lead to a relationship, it does always provide an insight into the next introduction. Which means? That’s right — your chances of finding that perfect person will only improve!

Who are Central Quest’s clients?

For starters, our matchmaking agency services cater to singles seeking a long-term relationship partner. We don’t work with individuals only interested in casual dating. And while each is unique in terms of personality and traits, our clients do share impressive career successes and heartfelt personal goals. Professionally, they may be TV personalities, financiers, philanthropists, business executives, entrepreneurs (and too many more to list here). Personally, they’re dedicated and busy singles all looking to finally find the long-lasting romantic relationship that has eluded them. Sound familiar?

At Central Quest, mum’s the word.

Safeguarding the privacy of clients and network members is of prime importance to us. We keep all discussions confidential from the get-go — the only details shared are the ones needed to arrange your in-person introductions. Rest assured that every Central Quest team member is dedicated to protecting your sensitive information as steadfastly as we would our own.

We’re all about having an open-door policy

At Central Quest, we want all our introduction agency clients (including you!) to feel welcome reaching out to us and expect our responsive attentiveness in return. In order to keep up our renowned personal service standards, we limit the number of clients we work with at any one time. So if we’re unable to accept new clients during your initial consultation — please don’t be offended. We’ll discuss our waiting list status and do our utmost to begin your life-changing, and exciting, matchmaking journey as quickly as possible.

Ready to embark on your quest for love?

Our clients include:

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