The effects our age has on our dating mentality

How our age impacts our dating behavior


Age plays a key role in the way we approach dating, so much that during certain years we often reject people based on meaningless things that they’ve done or said whilst during other years we give our dates more opportunities to prove they’re compatible with us this. Imagine this – you’re in your mid 20’s, doing well with your career, keeping fit, and enjoying life. If you’re not in a relationship you’re definitely out there looking for one...

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The Secrets to a successful relationship

Central Quest Elite Matchmaking & Introduction Agency interviewed a 23-year happily married couple in trying to unveil the secrets to their successful marriage. For privacy reasons their names are omitted. Although the interview answers are written in third person they are the actual words used by the couple.

1) Where did you guys meet and how did it happen?

She was teaching aerobics and he came to a class to get fit for rugby.

2) Did one of you or both of you have any hesitations about pursuing a relationship at any point? Why?

She had no intentions of pursuing a relationship as she was going through a divorce. She only had friendship in mind. He on the other hand wanted to go for it!

3) What drew you to each other initially?

She thought he was a very nice guy with a lovely manner...

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10 intriguing questions to ask on a date

10 intriguing questions to ask on a date

A couple eating in a restaurant

Here are 10 interesting intriguing questions Central Quest Elite Dating Agency recommends you can ask on a date as a man or a woman:

  1. Do you like to do an impression of known people, if so – who could you do?
  2. If you took me on a tour around your apartment, what kind of things would I discover?
  3. What do you think my last name rhymes with?
  4. Remember the last time you had something distasteful in a restaurant, how did you react?
  5. Tell me about the last time you broke any “rule” – in any surrounding.
  6. Imagine we would both be cast to act in a T.V show or a movie – what role would you play and what role would I play?
  7. If you had a picture of me and you had to draw something funny on it or next to it, what would you draw?
  8. What is one thing you bought that you...
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How to act when a perfect relationship evolves into one with endless arguments?

What should we do when every conversation we have with our beloved partner results in a fight?

A photo of a couple arguing
A lot of couples start off their relationship with passion, giggles and endless fun but after a few months they reach a point where every second sentence they say to one another leads to an argument! This is often the result of poor communication where both partners word their responses in an disrespectful manner, use the wrong tone of voice, and even cut each other off in the middle of the sentence!

How can we then avoid this scenario and have a calm discussion with our loving partner instead of leading a battle?

  • Don’t make accusations, but rather observations – No one likes to be accused of anything, even if they are at fault...
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Why do men struggle to approach women?

The struggle men have in initiating conversation with women

A picture of a pretty young asian woman sitting alone at a table

A lot of women put in the effort of dressing up and going to a number of single events every month, yet they not a lot of men approach them. This is understandably frustrating from a female perspective as women seemingly did “their part” by showing up at an event. However, there are two sides to every coin and the fact is that men are passive in a sense where they do not rush to approach a lot of women. How can this reality be explained?

Men are afraid.

Although this statement may sound bizarre, simplistic, and unjustifiable – it is the reality. You may feel that men should have an innate sense of confidence within themselves that allows them to easily start a conversation...

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