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It’s not your fault you haven’t found your soulmate yet. Dating is hard. Relationships are harder. And making it really work can be challenging. These things take time, commitment, and sometimes, a little help.

Finding Mr Right isn’t easy. First, you have to meet intelligent, sophisticated and successful men to go out with. Then you have to make time in your packed schedule for dates with men who often turn out to be dull, immature, commitment-phobic — or who lied about working for NASA on their dating profile!

Central Quest can help you meet the man of your dreams

We are London’s premier matchmaking and introduction agency, and have many clients in exactly the same boat as you. Just as with them, we’ll be with you every step of the way until you find your ‘happily ever after’.

Our huge database is filled with smart, charming men you couldn’t ever find on a dating site, and we have connections to many more — so we’re bound to have the perfect match for you.

Membership periods last up to 12 months, so our matchmakers can carefully guide you through all the steps necessary to find your ideal man, and keep him for good, including:

  • Initial consultation — You tell us all about yourself, your hopes, passions, dating history and what you’re looking for in a man. Then we’ll determine what we can do to help.
  • Dating strategy development — You and your matchmaker create a strategy tailored to your specific needs to help improve your dating success.
  • Introductions to your potential soulmate — We’ll develop a shortlist of handsome, successful men, help you pick the best ones, then encourage you in setting up incredibly romantic dates. We might even throw in a few surprises like champagne or theatre tickets to make sure your dates are amazing.
  • Long term relationship guidance — At Central Quest, we work with you to find the right man and develop the skills necessary to take your relationship beyond the honeymoon stage so that it can last a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your time in short, frustrating relationships.
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Read about Clara's experience of Central Quest

“I cannot begin to tell you how rewarding the Matchmaking process has been for me!! Not only did I discover different species of men but I also learned that patience is a virtue!

I used to be very impatient with men up to a point where I used the excuse of needing to go to the bathroom after just 10 minutes of dull conversation. I also used to see men as either “goodie two-shoes” or “bad boys” and I tended to date the latter, which always ended badly.

Ziv proved to me that there are other types of men out there and taught me how to engage in interesting conversations with them. From that point onward, there was a tremendous difference in terms of how I approached my dates. He introduced me to lovely guys and soon enough I met my soulmate, Timothy. I am COMPLETELY and UTTERLY in love and will be forever thankful to Ziv for guiding me in a different direction!”

Clara, 34, London

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