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Even for the most successful, attractive women, finding an honest, reliable man that shares their values and passions is hard. Finding one that also likes your kids may be even harder.

Whether your previous marriage ended on amicable terms or in a big old mess — you’re probably a little cautious about jumping into something new, to say the least. And we understand that. You have the responsibility of children now, and they come first no matter what.

But unfortunately, this makes it difficult for you to pursue new romances. Or to find the kind of man that you, and your children, deserve. Luckily, there’s help…

Central Quest will help you find a man to share your life with

Central Quest, one of London’s premier matchmaking and dating agencies, is constantly helping women in the same boat as you find their perfect partners. After an initial consultation, we’ll be with you every step of the way to meeting and courting a man that you can love for the rest of your life.

Membership periods last up to 12 months, so our matchmakers can carefully guide you on your journey to find your perfect partner, and stay with him for good, including:

  • In-person consultation — You tell us all about yourself, your children, your hopes, passions, past relationships, and ideal partner. We’ll determine what we can do to help.
  • Dating strategy development — You and your matchmaker create a strategy tailored to your specific needs to help improve your dating success.
  • Dates with your potential soulmate — We’ll carefully create a shortlist of trustworthy, interesting matches for you, recommend the best ones, and make some suggestions for incredibly romantic dates. We might even throw in a few surprises like champagne or theatre tickets to make sure the date is amazing!
  • Long term relationship guidance — At Central Quest, we work with you to find the right man and develop the skills necessary to take your relationship beyond the
    honeymoon stage. Because this time, we want you to find a happiness that lasts
    a lifetime.

Working with us, you’ll have all the support you need to meet someone that will make you
and your family happy. Your perfect partner is out there. You just need to be pointed in the
right direction.

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Read about Anna's experience of Central Quest

“A lot of people don’t realise that after a divorce it’s not an easy thing to start dating again, whether or not someone has kids. My friend who had also used Central Quest’s services, and knew I needed help, recommended them to me.

Throughout the entire time Annael encouraged me to really bring my inner self to dates without too much concern as to what will happen next. She is a very gifted woman who I am also privileged to have as a friend. I always joke that Central Quest actually made two successful matches – me and Annael, and me and Adam (my boyfriend).”

Anna, 42, London

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