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A new approach to dating

How should one approach dating?

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People often tell us about the dates they’ve had and how they did not really have an opportunity to get to know the person with whom they’ve gone out. Our research shows that people find it difficult to shy away from asking and responding to “background questions” during a date. It’s a social tendency to attempt to draw a picture of new people we meet by inquiring about their career, education, family, etc. Most of us seem to be inclined to this segmentation methodology where we try to find similarities and differences between us and people who enter our lives. However, is that really an effective way to find a compatible partner?

Judging by the fact a lot of people find it very hard to develop a connection with someone, segmentation isn’t really a recom...

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Dating Coach Madeleine Mason

Interview with Dating Coach Madeleine Mason

Dating Coach Madeleine MasonCentral Quest interviewed Dating Coach Madeleine Mason to learn about her about her background as a psychologist and gain insight about her current work as a dating coach:

Madeleine, please tell us about your background as a psychologist.

I studied occupational therapy in Denmark and worked within mental health. I used cognitive behaviour therapy, or CBT, which is a therapy form for understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how to change ones that are unhelpful to the client. It’s useful in the dating scene. For example, peoples’ deeper attitudes and thoughts sometimes block their dating success.

I went on to study psychology at UCL in London, and had a paper published there on social intelligence, a sister to...

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Why is it so challenging to date in a big city like London?

Dating in London

A photo of Big Ben taken from Parliament Square — Central Quest Dating & Matchmaking Agency

We are often asked by people why is it so difficult to meet and date compatible people in a large city like London? After all, logic would indicate that dating ought to be easy in a city such as London, which has a large pool of multicultural singles. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and the team at Central Quest would like to share with you some of the reasons for that.

The Human Product – While the emergence of countless online dating sites offers singles an immediate communication channel to others whom are also seeking relationships, it also leads them to view other singles as mere products. The concept of online dating is fundamentally efficient as it allows two people to connect quite quickly if they both so choose...

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Same Sex Marriage becomes legal in the UK

A breath of fresh air for gay and lesbian singles

Same sex marriages in England and Wales are legal as of Wednesday, July 17, 2013. Queen Elizabeth II signed a bill yesterday, which was approved by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords a day before. Up to today, the law only allowed civil partnerships for the LGBT community.

The new law allows same sex couples to tie the knot in civil ceremonies or church services, as long as the religious institution gives its consent. The first same sex wedding is expected to take place in the summer of 2014.

Interestingly enough, late last month, the U.S. Supreme Court had also ruled on issues relating to same sex marriage...

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10 things to avoid during a first date

Here are 10 main things we recommend you avoid on first dates:

An interesting match

  1. Bad breath!
  2. Talking too much about yourself.
  3. Talking too much about people other than yourself or your date.
  4. Talking on your phone and/or texting!
  5. Political/Religious discussions.
  6. Discussing past relationships.
  7. Revealing how long you’ve been single.
  8. Anything negative (e.g. how long it took the waiter to bring your order).
  9. Commenting about your date’s behaviour.
  10. Showing up under-dressed!
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