10 intriguing questions to ask on a date

10 intriguing questions to ask on a date

A couple eating in a restaurant

Here are 10 interesting intriguing questions Central Quest Elite Dating Agency recommends you can ask on a date as a man or a woman:

  1. Do you like to do an impression of known people, if so – who could you do?
  2. If you took me on a tour around your apartment, what kind of things would I discover?
  3. What do you think my last name rhymes with?
  4. Remember the last time you had something distasteful in a restaurant, how did you react?
  5. Tell me about the last time you broke any “rule” – in any surrounding.
  6. Imagine we would both be cast to act in a T.V show or a movie – what role would you play and what role would I play?
  7. If you had a picture of me and you had to draw something funny on it or next to it, what would you draw?
  8. What is one thing you bought that you regret buying?
  9. Name a time where you either embarrassed yourself in front of people or were embarrassed by someone.
  10. Have you ever lost an item that was significant to you that you still miss?

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