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Let’s start by getting the almost-always-asked question out of the way: “Is there something wrong because I’m still single?” In a word… no! Many single, successful and busy professionals (like you) are lacking in one core aspect of their life — a “soulmate” with whom to share it. A partner by their side for the long haul. With that in mind, and at heart, your visit to Central Quest Matchmaking and Dating Agency is the crucial first step of your exciting journey to finally find the special partner — and meaningful long-term relationship — you crave.

You wouldn’t be as accomplished as you are without working your socks off, and that’s how we approach finding you the perfect partner. Whatever you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked out, so we start over with a fresh approach tailored specifically to you. Working with you, we dig deep by discussing your dating history, what your lifestyle is all about, and what type of serious relationship you’re seeking.

Our job is not only to exhaustively search for exciting and suitable matches, but give you the tools you need to finally cast your past aside and embark on something new.

Let us guide you to your ideal partner.

“Is there really someone ‘out there’ for me?” You bet there is… And we’re experts at making it happen. Your Central Quest starts with frank, one-on-one discussions with your matchmaker who explores who you are, what you’re looking for in a romantic partner and where past relationships have taken you. This helps us identify crucial traits and behaviours you may not even be aware of about yourself (dating patterns, personality pitfalls, relationship mistakes, elbows on the table, etc.). Only with this unvarnished self-awareness can the quest of finding your soulmate truly begin — and be realised.

Helping you find love, commitment and passion in your life is what we live for. So let’s get started.

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